Welcome to HackYourFuture Man Yong Toh and Evy van Galen!

Welcome to HackYourFuture Man Yong Toh and Evy van Galen!

We are pleased to announce two additions to HackYourFuture’s Board of Directors!


From Man Yong Toh:

"Hello HackYourFuture! My background is in strategy and innovation for companies like Nike, Tesla, Apple / Beats by Dre and Heineken. I'm currently CEO of +Earth, where we develop and commercialise technologies for a carbon-balanced world.

I’m honoured and humbled to join the Hack Your Future-board and help make a difference in the lives of people fleeing violence and persecution around the world.

Hack Your Future's community of smart and talented teachers, students and partners is truly incredible and fosters hope in a sometimes harsh and unforgiving world. It not only brings education and job-matching but also kindness and a sense of belonging.

Having grown up in The Netherlands myself, I know how my parents struggled their way from Asia to Europe, fleeing from totalitarian regimes with nothing but the clothes on their back. I am forever grateful for the kindness and opportunities they were given. Today I feel that it's our responsibility to pay this forward.

I share a deep commitment to the organisation's values and mission and I hope that I can contribute expertise, insight, resources and mentorship to the team, in line with Hack Your Future's purpose to enable refugees to secure peace, prosperity and opportunity.

Looking forward to do good together."


From Evy van Galen:

“I’m super excited to be joining the board of HackYourFuture. I’ve been a huge fan of the work HackYourFuture is doing for years. The impact you’re able to have on the lives of so many talented people who would otherwise struggle getting their foot in the door on the Dutch labor market is truly invaluable. I myself had the privilege of working closely together with some HYF students and other staff during my time at Booking.com and later at DAZN. At Booking we set up an internship program for five incredible HYF students, and at DAZN we hired four HYF alumni.

I’m a somewhat idealistic believer in paying it forward. Excited about the impact we can collaboratively have if every company and individual would even just spend 1% of their time, efforts or resources on doing something that’s not directly in their own interest, but aimed at making the world a better place. HackYourFuture is an inspirational initiative actually solving two problems at once; providing development opportunities to people with a refugee background, while tackling the problem of scarcity of tech talent by training them into engineers and helping them land jobs.

I hope to contribute my experience in technology recruitment with first hand insights into how different businesses operate and make hiring decisions to further benefit HackYourFuture’s goals.

I’m looking forward to be an ‘official’ part of this journey with the rest of the board and HYF staff.”


Welcome to HackYourFuture Evy and Toh!