As we get closer to the end of this challenging year, we wanted to thank you for your support and interest in our community and share some of the main highlights we were able to achieve. This past year:

- We managed to switch our education to 100% online. We trained over 50 developers from which 40 are now in web development jobs or internships. We are so proud to deliver on our promises, even in such challenging times. Of course this could not have been possible without the help of our financial partners, mentors volunteering their time, companies hiring our graduates, and our students. Thank YOU!

Class 28 is the first group that followed the whole 7-month course online and will soon graduate

- We started a new track for HackYourFuture graduates interested in becoming Software Testers. To date, 3 graduates are working as QA Engineers in different companies and 6 more are participating in the track currently. We expect to be able to grow these numbers in 2021 as the demand for good technical QA engineers is increasing.

Special thanks to all the organisations that made HackYourFuture possible this past year

- We helped some of our graduates into Salesforce Development and Admin jobs as well! Depending on demand, we might start a new Salesforce track in 2021.

- We added 3 months of mentored education after graduation with extra modules and the fellowship program (see more info here). With the current market being somehow challenging for juniors to get started, we want to be sure our devs get better every day!

Fellowship Groups in Action

- We improved our curriculum with better reading materials, videos and insights from our community of 70+ web developers who work at different companies all around the Netherlands, making our curriculum more relevant than ever.

'Behind the Source' Campaign Case Study

- We launched the “Behind the Source” campaign in collaboration with 72andSunny and many of our partners to celebrate the stories of seven HackYourFuture graduates who have found their vocation and voice through coding and helped build some of the world’s most-used websites. The campaign won several international awards and it was an amazing experience for our community. Thanks a million 72andSunny!

- We defined much more clearly our community's Mission, Vision and Values. Specially in turbulent times as the ones we live today, is crucial we have a crystal clear idea of who we are and what we want to do.

In 2021 we expect to support a minimum of 50 talented people with a refugee background to find quality employment. We believe in a world where someone’s drive and potential, not their background, defines their career opportunities.

To deliver on our promises, we need your help. Starting in January, we will be looking for more internship opportunities for our students. If you can help us getting students hired in your company or if you have companies in your network who are willing, please let us know. Please click here to share your contact info and we will plan a call with you in the new year.

You are also welcome to make a donation through our website. It's a simple and straightforward way to help people with a refugee background gain back control over their lives.

Stay safe and happy holidays!

The HackYourFuture team.